Wholesomeness served at home

Project Duration

4 months
Research, Illustration, Brand style guide, Animations, UI design


Alexandra Molta, Suebin Kang


Figma, Procreate, After Effects


Shortlisted for the Young Ones 2023 Branding

☕️ Sit Back, sip some coffee, and enjoy
📖 Context

IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, is a restaurant chain that seeks to provide a family-friendly dining experience. In light of the trend of families eating fewer meals together, IHOP aims to create a space where families can gather and enjoy a meal in a comfortable and welcoming environment. With a diverse menu that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, IHOP offers something for everyone.

⚡️ The challenge

The average person eats one in every five meals in their car and the majority of  families report eating a single meal together less than five days a week.The challenge is to encourage people to eat meals together as a family and to recognize the value of building strong relationships and creating lasting memories through this experience

Brands Ideal

Everyday is a treat

Our system is to communicate our effort to bring a smile to your face.

Brand Archetypes

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere, conversation, a wholesome meal leads to positive vibes.
Ihop encourages its customers to "be good to yourself" and be comfortable.

Brand Personality

Unity, connection, Individuality, Homey


Visual Identity

The logo uses a rectangle with precise measurements between each icon and letter. The icon, a smiley face, had to be carefully overlapped over the "h" and "p" to ensure proper alignment

Brand Typeface

Lato Regular is utilized for the body text while Nunito Extra Bold is used for headings. These two fonts complement each other perfectly, just like warm syrup on freshly made pancakes.

Brand Color Palette


Dynamic Branding System

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It's the Holiday Season

To express the excitement of the upcoming holidays, the usual smiley logo will change into a specific icon for the time of the offered seasonal menu.

Every Hour Counts

With ihop being open 24/7 the demographic changes throughout the day. You’ll see the logo change on the menu, and the silverware according to the time of day.

Special Day, For You and Us

Whether its ihop’s birthday or yours, they want to celebrate by giving free pancakes, from them to you!

Seasons of ihop

April showers bring...seasonal pancakes! With limited edition drinks and menu selections coming in for the current season, what a better way to celebrate the new season than seasonal icons!

Today’s Weather Forecast

When the weather changes, so does our appetite. On a rainy day, a hot cup of tea or coffee just tastes better. On a sunny morning, pancakes and milk with family sounds even better!





✨ Expanding Ihop's Dynamic System

I'm really excited about the potential of our dynamic system. I think it would be amazing to expand the weather section to create unexpected and compelling experiences. By incorporating weather and time of day data, we can better understand how these factors influence people's cravings and emotions, and tailor offerings accordingly.
I want to keep exploring new possibilities for our dynamic system and finding new ways to engage and delight our customers. I think it would be really interesting to create an international system where the dot of the "I" in our logo is replaced with the a country's flag and in the middle of logo will be a traditional plate of that country.