Implementing sustainable tourism measures to manage crowds and preserve destinations

Project Duration

4 months
UX Research, UI Design, Prototyping, Design System, Art Direction




Figma, Miro, After Effects, Protopie

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📖 Context

Airbnb's Green Getaway initiative aims to combat over-tourism, with crowd control features that enable hosts to manage their listings based on real-time and historical crowd levels, while also allowing guests to make informed decisions on when to visit. These measures aim to create a more responsible and mindful tourism industry.

⚡️ The challenge

According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourist arrivals reached 1.4 billion in 2018, and this number is expected to continue growing in the coming years. This surge in tourism has led to overcrowding in popular destinations, causing negative impacts on the environment and local communities
Our challenge is to develop a solution that promotes sustainable tourism while enhancing the guest experience and supporting the local economy.


Scoping out the Competition

In 2019, VRBO launched a pilot program called "Responsible Hosting," which provided a set of guidelines for hosts to promote sustainable tourism practices.

Tripadvisor  encourages hosts to promote off-season travel, and provides tools for hosts to set seasonal pricing. provides information about eco-friendly accommodations and encourages travelers to choose sustainable options.

Empathy Interview

During our empathy interviews, we discovered that travelers would greatly benefit from having access to more information and tools that can assist them in making informed decisions about their travel plans.

  • Some travelers expressed a desire for more information about crowd levels at popular destinations, so they can plan their visits accordingly.

  • Many travelers are frustrated by the crowds at popular tourist attractions and feel that they detract from the overall experience.

  • Many travelers are open to the idea of visiting less popular destinations or traveling during off-peak seasons in order to avoid crowds.

Key insights

Psychological impact

Overcrowding in popular tourist destinations can lead to a sense of anxiety, stress, and discomfort among travelers.

Sustainability concerns

Overcrowding can lead to negative environmental and cultural impacts, such as degradation of natural resources.

Information and tools

Travelers are seeking more information and tools to help them make informed decisions about their travel plans.


Take control of the crowds


A crowd control feature for Airbnb that empowers hosts and guests to take control of the crowds by:

With this feature, Airbnb users can enjoy their travels while minimizing the impact of over-tourism on local communities.

We aim to strike a balance between enjoying travel experiences and avoiding overcrowding, giving travelers the power to make informed decisions and take control of their travel experience.


Idea Generation


How might we encourage travelers to visit destinations during off-peak seasons to help reduce overcrowding?


Highlight the unexpected benefits of off-peak travel.


How might we use technology to give hosts and guests real-time information about crowd levels in a given location?


Using real-time crowd data to inform hosts and guests about crowd levels in a given location.


How might we empower hosts to implement crowd control measures in their listings to promote sustainable travel choices and reduce overcrowding?


Crowd control feature within the Airbnb platform that allows hosts to implement specific settings to bring control to guests visiting the area.

for guests

Crowd levels

By having access to real-time and historical crowd data, they can plan their trips accordingly and choose less crowded times and locations.

for guests

Crowd threshold notifcations

Guests can set their preferred crowd level threshold, and the app will send them a notification when the crowd levels exceed or drop below their selected threshold.

for guests

Best times to visit

If an area is overcrowded the user will have access to view the highlights of visiting that area off peak season.

for hosts

Analyze listings crowd levels

See a heat map of crowd levels around your listing to help you make informed decisions about setting up crowd control measures.

for hosts

Crowd control settings

Hosts can tweak pricing during off peak season, blackout dates to reserve listing during busy weekends, and create a minimum stay requirement to reduce turnover.

Notification and widgets

The feature allows hosts to receive real-time notifications via phone and Apple Watch when their listing's set crowd threshold is exceeded. The notification prompts the host to take action and activate their crowd control settings to ensure a better guest experience and reduce overcrowding.

POster ad campaign

Welcome to your Green Getaway

The ad campaign aims to highlight the beauty of traveling off the beaten path and promoting sustainable tourism. It showcases the natural wonders and hidden gems of lesser-known destinations and encourages travelers to explore them during the off-peak season to avoid overcrowding.

Guerilla marketing

Escape the crowds

The purpose of this campaign was to attract the attention of travelers in overpopulated areas and offer them a unique and sustainable travel experience. The 3D logo will be strategically placed in highly crowded areas such as busy streets and popular tourist spots. A QR code is placed on the logo, which will direct users to a page featuring a variation of the crowded place that is lesser known.


🌾 Sustainable Travel Solutions

Through this project, I learned the importance of considering sustainability and crowd control in the travel industry. It was fascinating to explore various solutions that could help alleviate overcrowding in popular tourist destinations and promote sustainable travel choices.

Moving forward, I am inspired to continue exploring the intersection of sustainability and technology in the travel industry. I believe that there is much more that can be done to empower travelers and hosts to make sustainable choices and mitigate the negative impact of tourism on local communities and the environment.